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Welcome to the Raw Food Round Table
Raw Food Round Table
P. O. Box 981
Vancouver, WA 98666

Phone: 360-566-5549
Here is where friends come together to
openly discuss the benefits of eating raw
food, the how to's on sprouting and
dehydrating, preparing great recipes, the
do's and don'ts of raw foods, and
educating/sharing facts about the raw
food life style.
This isn't a diet it's a LIFE STYLE!
Do you or someone you know have health issues?
Do you take medication for high blood pressure,
high cholesterol or perhaps diabetes? Are you
considered obese? Overall, do you currently feel
older or sicker then you should for your age?
Would you like better health? Do you believe
that your diet could possibly be what is causing
you to be sick? Have you ever considered the
fact that cooked and processed food is
addictive? Follow the link to Food Quiz and take
the quiz to see where you stand on the fight
against food addiction.
In America today, statistics show that 75% of
the people in this country are obese and they
predict that in another 10 years that will rise to
90%. Let me help you beat those statistics and
get control over your health once and for all.
My Story:
August 15, 2010 just short of two years ago today, I weighed over 200 lbs and found
myself laying in a hospital bed in the emergency room with slurred speech which
occurred shortly after having a rather severe migraine. As I laid there unable to
communicate and articulate my words properly I began to think if this wasn't a
stroke now it darn well could be next time. I was scared and afraid for my own life.
Right then I vowed to myself that I was going out like this.......time for a change.
Raw Food Round Table is proud to present a 4 class series to
jump start your "going raw". There will be informative group
discussions, a movie, give-aways, take home raw food recipes,
snacks and a field trip.
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